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Get Geeked Dragonball Z Singles Panini


Get Geeked are pleased to announce the 2017 Summer Season of DragonBall Z TCG Organised Play. 

Players will receive Championship Points for competing in events run by Get Geeked throughout the Summer Season. 

The Summer Season incorporates sanctioned events from January 1st 2017 through to March 31st, 2017.

The top 4 players, as ranked by their accumulated total of Championship Points from their best performances in 8 events, will receive prizes to reward their exceptional level of play. Every player will also have the chance to win additional participation based prizes. Every time you attend a sanctioned event, you receive an additional chance to win!

Prizes? Did someone say prizes? What can I win?

At the end of the Summer Season, the Top 4 players will have their chance to claim the following prizes, in order of finish:

1st A full Playset of (Set 8) Celestial Tournament 

(Including Ultra Rares)

2nd - 4th 1 of each card from (Set 8) Celestial Tounament

(Excluding "1 of cards")

How are Championship Points awarded?

Sanctioned events must have 8 players in attendance for players to be awarded Championship Points. Points are awarded to players as follows, based on their best performance in a maximum of 8 events.

How are tiebreakers handled?

In the event that two players are on the same amount of Championship points, the following will determine the order of rank.

  1. Most amount of Tournaments won
  2. Overall win / loss ratio over all events played
  3. Total games won over all events played

A full printed playset of Celestial Tournament is up for grabs this season, including all new Levels for old MP's we know and love like Frieza, Android 18 and Android 16.



1. Bryan M - 20pts

2. Fahad R - 8pts

3. Tait M - 8pts

4. Jesse O - 8pts

5. Ben S - 6pts

6. Damian C - 6pts

7. Anthony M - 5pts

8. Andrew H - 4pts

9. James E - 4pts

10. Michael V -4pts

11. Jayden M - 4pts

12. James D - 3pts

13. Jason P - 3pts

14. Harry K - 2pts

15. Steve P - 2pts

16. Michael G - 2pts

17. Tim G - 2pts

18. Dillon M - 2pts

19. Rory M - 1 pts

20. Thomas K - 0pts